14 May 2020

0 the eaton family glassware competition

debo LOOOOOOOOOVES glasswares. 

belatedly, i'm realizing this appears to be hereditary, as i have, in these last months, acquired a formidable collection of drinking receptacles. enough to outfit a party of ten were we to switch to new drinks thrice. 

an especially hilarious tally given i sit in my apartment alone.

for debo, who has had a lifetime of glass, this is about re-acquiring that with which she previously parted. the dishes of my childhood, for example, being a set which featured the most appropriately sized cereal bowl she has ever encountered in her life. a circumstance of which she was unaware when she relinquished them in 1987 (i wondered at the time, who has purple dishes? she tells me) and fully appreciates now. 

i, in contrast, am just pleased as punch to be utilizing actual glass and dishes with heft after nearly a decade of eating of picnic-wares and melamine. 

so the latest thing is the coups. she found a set and sent photos and because they were pink and pink is my thing and i've a notable lack of coups of my own, shortly thereafter a pair arrived at my door step. 

an lo, thence commenced a glassware duel, wherein i was bested by wine and desserts. 

what you have to realize is that debo always wins.

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