27 March 2020

0 blurgh

i asked WRB how he's coping, and he said he's writing and reading so much. and i'm so happy for him, but also this legit sent me down a deep shame spiral.

people, i am not writing and reading so much!!!

true, true, i reread and the band played on for, like the twelfth time (as everyone always should). but, since finishing it yesterday, i have read the first twenty pages in five books.

actually, come to think of it, i guess i am reading so much, it just happen to be in the form of fitfully reading very little across a lot. that counts, right?

but i am not writing. at least not anything beyond class discussions and feedback and student emails.


last week, i responded to the university president's request for faculty input by writing an impassioned plea for P/NP options and recognition of adjuncts. half an hour later the president sent out an email offering P/NP and thanking adjuncts. as a result of this, garebear has repeatedly called me "the change-maker."


joe biden raped someone. i recognize the world is falling apart around us, but i do think joe biden's raping someone should maybe be discussed a little bit more.


the church on 16th street is no longer ringing it's bells on wednesdays and sundays at noon. or else i've missed it. i'd rather i've missed it than that they've stopped, because the sound is so lovely in all the quiet, and i'm not ready for that to go away.

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