17 December 2019

the decade is ending, let's clear out the OitC drafts folder...

1 August 2013

the problem is that it is now possible to be dismissed on multiple levels- both as a woman and an american.

this is a problem of very great privilege, i know, for there are so many other levels of dismissal i'm spared. but it's a problem nonetheless.

last night, a friend and i went out to dinner. in one of those teeny tiny crowded restaurants where the dining experience is not unlike that of riding the tube, and everyone is crowded together in close quarters and eavesdropping on everything.

because of the proximity and their frequent turning around to gawk at the pizza of the people sitting next to us, some random british men joined our conversation. as my friend tried to engage them in discussion of the subject we'd been discussing, they wound up in their heatedly arguing against her, a scene that culminated in these men literally turning their backs on us with an exclamation of 'typical americans.'

later, while i was in the bathroom, they apologized to my friend for having been so argumentative, but there was something bitter about the whole experience. because the implication was that she had been a typical assertive american woman, something that comes back to 'smart girl.'

i HATE 'smart girl.'

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