21 December 2019

0 just be safe

the decade is ending, let's clear out the OitC drafts folder (fyi, no idea what "the word" was)...

5 August 2016

garebear's enthusiasm over this word almost equals his pride in not having asked if i was involved in the knife attack in russell square the other evening. 

when, mid-way through our conversation i mention it, he interrupts to ask, did you notice how i said nothing? did you notice how i didn't ask? 

and i applaud this restraint, knowing full well i'd texted debo first thing and she would've relayed this information immediately. so likely, from first hearing about the knife attack in russell square the night before, he'd known i was not involved. 

and yet the accomplishment comes in not mentioning it, in having played it cool. 

because my family are extremely not cool. they are all always braced for something to happen, waiting for me to be knifed or blown up. so they can be pleasantly surprised when i am not. because this is who they are and what they do.  

you know it could happen in mantachie, burvil warns me, like a character in a greek chorus, in every conversation where she reminds me: just be safe

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