27 December 2017

0 FJ: FACT TIME WITH OLINE: that jackie episode of “the crown”

fine. we will do this.
(Jacqueline Kennedy on her way to the State Dinner with Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II)



12 December 2017

0 when you long for a stationary bike

and you bang on and on and on about it and garebear says, wait, be patient, if you wait it will come, and you roll your eyes only to have him shout your name at an estate sale less than an hour later, standing- with a look of glee- over a 1970s machine called the slendercycle, priced at $40. why that's a piece of junk! debo will exclaim as garebear comes back to tell you the woman says he can take it for $10. and you'll watch in amazement as debo and garebear set the thing up in the driveway and the family, as one, cleans the scum off so the slendercycle is resplendent in the sun, as debo exclaims, it's beautiful! and garebear says, see i knew we would find something strange and cheap and neat. faith, bear, faith. 

03 December 2017

2 aesthetics

debo says, the thing is i dress like a six year old scandanavian girl. and you dress like an aging former broadway star. 

and she is not wrong.