04 January 2016

0 huh

the thing about work is that it happens alongside life and what feels monumental to you feels so much less monumental to everyone else because it is happening to you and not to them. 

skyping my parents, i held up the book for them to behold. as i did this, garebear was picking something out of his teeth. fezzik wandered into the room and they both turned to look at him. 

by and large, people seem to get books. they seem less clear on the mental/physical/emotional accomplishment of having survived the writing of a phd. 

i am not exactly bereft. i'm also not exactly myself. 

you'd think that would've been apparent during my dealings with sprint but i only realized it as i lay awake until the wee hours of the morning aware of a strange sensation of being possibly more aware than i have ever been in my life. presumably adrenaline- wrought of my emotional breakdown with the sprint customer services rep or the oncoming completion of my phd, i'm not entirely sure which- but it felt like the decaf coffee i drank earlier was laced with speed. 

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