17 August 2017

0 transmedia

the line of thinking was: i'll apply for this transmedia course and if they give me financial aid then i'll do it. but they're not gonna give me financial aid so it won't matter that it is WILDLY INCONVENIENT timing to be taking a six week course that requires 1000 words of writing on a project i'm not actually doing every single week.

and lo. the financial aid gods say, YO OLINE.

fitting. that i would be gifted the gift of free learning when it is most inconvenient.

and so, in the midst of copious UK job applications, the development of a teaching portfolio for an even more involved denmark job application and the gathering of material for an application for a teaching certification (when the film of this period of my life is made, it will be called the applicant), i am also now producing 1000 words a week on a hypothetical tonya harding transmedia project.

at the eliot school last summer, the keynote speaker made some reference to an application eliot made to cambridge. and how, like all academics, he went to great lengths proposing a project that he never mentioned again outside of his application to cambridge.

if nothing else, i have one up on eliot. tonya harding has now been mentioned in many many times.

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