22 July 2017

0 souped up

debo is here. we are making cornbread and broccoli soup as part of our thanksgiving/christmas/valentines/mothers-fathers day/birthdays/4 of july extravaganza.

we do not know how to turn the oven on. the options are as follows: S, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

they do not have american cheese product in the uk. what they have is real cheese. it does not work the same.

what we wind up with is a soup of water and broccoli punctuated by cheese blobs bearing an eerie resemblance to chicken cutlets.

a soup which we all eat and say hmmmm, that is... something and which then sits in the pan on the stove overnight and then in the pan in the refrigerator for three days because we do not know how to dispose of it.

we leave for bath in an hour. still we do not know how to make that soup go away.

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