27 June 2017

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THIS. and am reminded of the summer of 2001, when fur and i stayed in a high-rise dorm for summer school and rented SATC season 2 from the blockbuster every weekend, which we watched in her room, her on the bed, me on a beanbag, whilst we ate mini hot pockets.

24 June 2017

0 in things that make me question my own sanity

i have decided that this is something that requires a second viewing...

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21 June 2017

0 holy hell

i take screenshots of things that i think may be useful and then email them to myself. which is why my gmail is constantly on the verge of running out of storage, so then i have to go through all the emails of giant image files that i've sent to myself and clear them out.

that is what led to the discovery of this series of emails i sent to myself on 3 march, which was apparently the day i decided to clear the 2016 presidential election off my phone.

OUCH. and, also, what a deeply strange time capsule this winds up being.


17 June 2017

15 June 2017

0 FJ: the sex lives of dead people: JFK edition (emotions via britney)

i mean, i had you at hello, right? you are like, holy moses, this woman is ambitious. for seriously, is there a more prodigious sex life of a dead person than that of JFK? haven’t we all of us, by this point, slept with JFK?
ok. so that’s taking it a step too far. but seriously. and i say this as a biographer. it is likely that JFK slept with a whole load of people. i’m not contesting that.
there seems to be a lot of compelling evidence that his sex life was extensive.
having written extensively about his wife, there seems to be compelling evidence that she knew his sex life was extensive.
what i would do is suggest that we not take every single claim about his extensive sex life as absolute truth.
(new life goal: to some day teach a master class on the sex lives of dead people. just fyi.)
so here we are with the man of the hour:

14 June 2017

0 "there's usually a man to speak to here"

as someone who writes about sexism, i'm still kind of staggered by the level of casual sexism one encounters working in a bookshop.

the customer who pointed at the owl ring i bought for myself and said, "now, there's a man who really knows someone well."

the woman who only made eye contact with my male colleague while asking us to recommend a book, even as my male colleague repeatedly gestured to my having read something he thought she might like.

the suited dude today who walked in, looked me up and down, and asked, "is the man who's usually here today?" told that, no, he was working elsewhere, he huffed, "there's usually a man to speak to here," and walked out.

as a woman who regularly works solo shifts, i can testify to the fact that there is often not a man working in that shop.  a circumstance, one would think, wouldn't be such a big deal in 2017.

02 June 2017

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