25 April 2017

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found an article on the six steps to simplifying one's life TODAY. and the second step was getting rid of one's second set of dishes.

and she says to me, i mean, that's all well and good but what about the other six sets?

because this is a woman who owns maybe ten.

seriously. we could easily feed 90.

furthermore, after joe's death, she went to very great lengths to re-buy off of ebay a full set of the everyday dishes we'd had when i was a child and lived in spey cove. just so she could eat her cereal in the bowls- the perfect circumference!- in which she enjoyed cereal so long ago, when i was young. when we were all young.

death makes people do strange things.

she tells me, i cannot believe you took that brutus bust back with you to london. because i've mentioned that he's down there, at the foot of the bed, leering.

and i say, mummybee, we all did crazy shit when joe died. let us not pretend. 

and she tells me the sixth step of the six steps to simplifying one's life TODAY is telling people they have to take back the stuff they're storing in your house.

and though i'm not even wearing boots, i'm quaking within them. though i do feel sort of saved by the fact that we've just had an extensive conversation on the extremity of my present poverty and the shipping costs to rid them of the fainting couch are far more than they would ever dare pay.

but still. i once had to pay £25 to get my own dirty clothes out of hock. imagine the customs on fine furniture! heaven forbid.

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