02 December 2016

0 the perfect leaf

a few weeks ago, garebear went on a walk with the dog.

(you're telling it wrong, k.clen tells me when i tell this story. because, apparently, everybody already knows that garebear goes for walks with the dog regularly so this is not as extraordinary as my story-telling would make it sound.)

and during this walk, he happened upon a leaf. one of the first of the season and an exceptionally fine specimen.


(as you well know, in my family we never do anything with anything less than total fervor.)

declaring it THE PERFECT LEAF (i would not be surprised if, in the moment, he actually uttered these words aloud), garebear picked it up and brought it home to show debo.

ooooooooooooooh, they marveled together, agreeing it was THE PERFECT LEAF. a beauty, a gem, leaf of the year!

at this point in the story, when he is recounting it to me as i sit in the kitchen drinking coffee, garebear brings me THE PERFECT LEAF so that i might see it. it is perhaps a sign that i am the zennest one of all that what it took them a week to realize is immediately evident to me.

it was a whole week, a WHOOOOOOOOLE week, garebear tells me, before we realized it was fake.

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