23 November 2016

0 the owl mug

when i was in memphis last may, we watched a danica mckeller hallmark movie about a girl who doesn't ever want to get married and a guy who doesn't ever want to get married and their friends who are getting married and need them to plan their wedding in a barn because the bride's parents were victims of a ponzi scheme and they can no longer afford the wedding of the bride's dreams. and, of course, this brings together the girl who doesn't ever want to get married and the guy who doesn't ever want to get married and- surprise!- they ultimately get married.


in one scene midway through the movie, as she was about to put the moves on the man it was already clear she would wind up with at film's end, danica mckeller took a sip from this giant owl mug. and when the aforementioned man asked her what she was doing, she informed him that she was drinking from her "snazzy owl mug."

some days later, my family were at marshall's and lo! there in the glass things aisle was THAT EXACT SAME MUG from the hallmark movie. and we eatons gathered round in a triangle of awe, marveling that a ceramic we had seen in a movie not three days earlier now appeared before our very eyes in real life.

if memory serves, i carried it around for a few minutes to determine whether i loved it enough for purchase and then put it back, because it seemed impractical to pay $3.99 for something likely to be broken in the trip home.

cut to three days later, when garebear drops me off at the airport and calls to tell debo that, having done so, he's gonna swing by marshall's and pick up that mug for me as a surprise because he could tell i loved it more than i knew and i needed it in my life.

except this message was left on my voicemail- not debo's. and so, landing in atlanta, i learned i would one day be the surprised recipient of a giant owl mug all my own.

while in memphis earlier this month, the owl mug officially became mine and it, later, successfully made it to london unbroken.

it is, i realize now, having drunk from it for a fortnight, probably the equivalent of four to five cups of coffee. so garebear's surprise that the coffee pot was always empty when i'd had "only the one cup" gradually becomes clear.

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