30 October 2016

0 why does autumn always make me restless?

the other caroline is sitting on the toilet and i am sitting on the bed and we are having a conversation like normal about how restless we are.

in this instant, i realize (1) how incredibly small my flat is and (2) that this is the second time i have watched her pee in less than a week.

on thursday, we went out to virginia water. a place which sounded exotic and which we believed to be more than five miles from heathrow. neither of which exactly turned out to be true, but we got away and we frolicked in the fresh air and, for a couple of hours, we each of us felt a little less stuck than we've been feeling as of late.

as we walked out of a little spot of woods, she said, how many people do you think have had sex in there? 

to which i replied, and how many people do you think think we just had sex in there? 

because we had, in fact, peed in the forest, because the other caroline actually had to go while i just thought it would be interesting to pee on british soil. and so we emerged from the wood triumphant, with grins on our faces which may well have made it looked like we got laid rather than just emptied our bladders.

little things, small adventures. we take them as they come.

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