05 August 2016

0 bachelorhood

debo has been away. when she is away, garebear calls himself a "bachelor."

in his bachelor life, he says, he is artsy.

he has read five books and watched seven movies. he is disappointed that it was not more. i remind him debo has been gone for a grand total of four days, but he swears this is not up to his usual standards.

i also question his definition of artsy given the fact that 50% of the films he watched were directed by m. night shyamalan. but garebear is adamant. he has been artsy.

garebear has discovered a new word.


like an opal, he tells me. it shines into itself

as opposed to a diamond, i say, which sparkles out? 

YES!!!!! garebear exclaims, with an enthusiasm greater than his typical enthusiasm because it is an enthusiasm built up over the course of four days spent alone. 

evidently he's a member of a pen group on facebook and posts pictures of his pens there (learning this makes me question whether the secret life of garebear is a book i would actually want to read). and someone responded to one of those pictures to celebrate the pen's chatoyancy. 

chatoyancy has been word of the day for three days now, so dear whoever that was: thanks for that. 

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