31 July 2015

0 fj: and then justin bieber and ryan seacrest talked about women… WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

(via ryan seacrest on instagram)
(via ryan seacrest on instagram)
whilst i haven’t the time to perform a full close reading on this momentous moment, i do want to draw it to your attention for two reasons…
one specific query: ryan seacrest is aging WELL, right? or is it just me? do i have PhD goggles on because at this point there have been a few pictures i’ve seen where even aristotle onassis looks hot, so it totally could just be me. my tastes are a bit warped at present.
and one more general observation: few things in life or equally compelling in textual and video form. justin bieber’s recent interview with ryan seacrest is one of those rare things that is different yet equally amazing in both formats. Continue reading 

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