28 May 2015

0 it's that time of year

i posted this video when i went over in 2013. when i was six months into my london life and all sad and gloomy about people having died and me not knowing what i was doing with my life or how my project would work out and wondering if i'd made a terrible mistake. and i watched this video before going to paris and found it elating. in all sincerity. i watched it and i thought, i want to go to there. 

so, in a moment of This is My Fourth Year Spending My Birthday in Paris nostalgia, as i was packing this morning, i pulled it up again and i watched it and i thought, DEAR GOD, ALL THOSE TOURISTS. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!! 

because paris, to me, has become this: taking three baths a day in a bath soak blend i have bought special for the trip and doing three detoxifying face masks. eating chausson pommes and that carrefour olive pasta sauce i heart so hard i may have to move to europe to get it on the regular. going to the monoprix for the reusable grocery bag that is so much more functional and sturdy than what was have in the UK. and reading my manuscript to prepare for supervision whilst thinking about celebrity in terms of translation. i will also be watching designing woman, barefoot in the park, and the way we were. all of which represents the best.birthday.ever.

the difference between birthdays as a kid and birthdays as an adult is staggering, non?

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