22 April 2015

0 microfilmed

i've this tres tres vivid memory from when we lived in atlanta, and i'm pretty sure i was in 3rd grade, and they were showing us round the library and brought out THE MACHINE OF THE FUTURE.


which wasn't so much the machine of the future as the storage mechanism for the past.

mircofilm is one of those technologies that is super daunting if you've never used it so i've avoided it up to now. fortunately, nothing i've ever needed was on microfilm so it hasn't been hard to do. until today, when- in my ongoing denazification- i was responsible for transcribing pertinent information from the staff meetings minutes of the division chiefs, 1944-1947. all of which are stored on microfilm.

in the end, there was very little of use on the 3 rolls for which i was responsible, but i now know that watching a microfilm rewind at high-speed is an easy way to make yourself motion-sick.

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