02 November 2014

0 if it wasn't this it would be something else

i'm working on an article for an academic journal. this is sprung directly from the realization a little over a week ago that my loans end theveryminute i hand in my dissertation, a realization that was very much "worst case" seeing as i have to remain in london to defend it and with which i have been grappling by turning my energy to getting an article placed with a journal and obsessing over my plan of attack for procuring a post-doc with a project on aging and obituaries. 

build-up to the fact that yesterday i skipped the library and stayed home and worked for twelve hours on this article. 

and, today, stepping from the bed, my back made it clear that i was going to pay. a very specific middle part of the back for which there appear to be no yoga cures on youtube. 

which is how we wind up here: me, at the desk, still writing, having fashioned a back support system from a green pashmina. 

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