28 November 2014

0 hilarifying

thanksgiving occurred in the middle of what is coming to known as my End of Term Spiral of Doom. this ridiculous glut of marking and deadlines, so plentiful that i can't think about this afternoon's looming crisis until first dealing with this morning's.

on the plus side, thanksgiving was properly celebrated. with PIES.

i will say this, it is hard to have multiple thanksgiving meals in a day and be a productive, intellectual human being. you really are meant to lie comatose somewhere on a couch.

i called my mum last night and i thought she was weeping. it was just that she was happy and tired and full.

i no longer correctly identify the symptoms of my homeland's best holiday being a success.

i'm giving a paper tomorrow at what i'm slooooooowly realizing is a rather big deal conference. it is not yet written. this is a sign of both the state of things, my tenuous grasp on them and either my excessive confidence in myself (i only minimally stressed by what should be horrifying situation by any account) OR my egregious state of denial.

on the plus side, there was pie in the library and pie at dinner. and- as my nails dry, the laundry swirls (there won't be time to take it out until tonight), the realization that i still am not entirely sure what i'm teaching in the two classes that occur in less than 4 hours settles in- there is pie for breakfast.

i've always been a cake person. i'd never before this week realized the narcotizing effect of pie. they are enormous.

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