28 October 2014

0 two (three? three.) things

(1) i'm in paris to do an interview with one of jackie's friends tomorrow. TERROR. not, like, steinem level TERROR mind you, which was basically OH SHIT SWEET JESUS LORD HAVE MERCY CODE PURPLE levels of TERROR (and, fingers crossed, my TERROR peak). but, still. you know, NERVES. (as my inability to clearly articulate the state of my nerves probably indicates there.)

(2) today on this day in history today, i actually worked this incredibly horrifying headline...

in its entirety, into an academic article. something i didn't realize needed to be a life goal until it happened so life goal = done. 

(3) a huge part of my excitement in coming to paris now is buying the olive pasta sauce from the market and making french macaroni with olive pasta sauce, paired with beaujolais. for reals. 

yeah, i'm here for an interview, but just as i made sure to borrow a flat with a bathtub for my mental well-being so i made sure they had a hob and i beelined, not for the pastries, but for the 1.75€ spaghetti sauce at the carrefour. because that is apparently now the comfort food with which i associate france. 

which is, i realize, a sign of tremendous privilege. we seldom get to go to foreign cities so often that we're familiar with the flavors of pasta sauce in their markets, so often that we have a comfort food there so it feels like you've gone home. 

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