21 October 2014

0 hurricanes!

we had a hurricane today. hurricane gonzalo. which i keep misreading as gonzo. which would be AMAZING.

i'm always surprised (as in, this time and the one other time this happened) by how zen the british press is about the hurricanes. like, this morning the BBC forecast was for rain and squally winds. the only thing mildly unusual about the weather graphic was that it had two droplets instead of three.

i don't have a television so i don't watch the TV news. so i'm wholly ignorant of that side of a british life. i wonder: does hurricane gonzalo have a theme song? you know it would in the US. but does it have one here?

the only thing that makes me think the weather might have a soundtrack here as well is the daily mail, whose weather reports are always apocalyptic. but then, the daily mail is most widely read in america, so maybe that's more for the US than for us???

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