18 September 2014

0 it's been a weird fortnight

the other night i dreamed something fatal happened to the president in germany. it was this weird continuing nightmare, where i kept waking up only to fall asleep and have it resume. like a real world marathon. and there was no resolution. rather, the whole dream was about the time between having heard something horrid happened and finding out the result, so that we did not ever know if he had, in the end, died.

one of my parents friends' died this week. a lovely man who loved cats and vowed to me, when i left her with my parents, that he would always look after the vieve's best interests.

there's kind of no fall in great britain. well, actually, there isn't a fall at all because it's called "autumn" here and when you use the term "fall" people look at you as though you're speaking gibberish.

but also, the leaves don't really turn colors. they just go brown and kamikaze to the ground. somehow i completely missed this last year. this year it's all i can see.

my father tells me his sister and her husband are going on a leaf tour of the south. like, they are getting in a car and driving through multiple states to see the changing leaves.

my first response is: that is, from my position over here in great britain, the most american thing i have ever heard.

my second response is: I WANT TO SEE LEAVES!!!

which makes me feel, in my heart, about 95.

where did summer go?

that's a terribly disingenuous question from my end. summer went to the british library for 10 hours a day. still, it is alarming, how quickly the time goes. how quickly fall- with or without the right leaves- rolls around again...

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