12 August 2014

0 for the weather junkies amongst you

so hey, apparently that torrential rain that kept me home from church the other day was a hurricane.

except not really, because it's england and we're all polite and correct so even the file names of our graphics specify that this was in fact  an EX-hurricane and, thus, what came after us sunday morning and afternoon was "ex Bertha". proof:

which sorta makes it sound like someone's angry ex-wife was out to get us. which she pretty much was.

fear not! the island is still here, if a little extra-puddled. the baby blown onto the tube tracks survived (so far as we know). the woman wearing the hammerpants saved it. the totally oblivious dude in the blue shirt appears to have remained totally oblivious. life goes on...

and now this'll be in my head all day...

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