09 July 2014

2 soured

i love whiskey sours. 

whiskey sours are a very american thing. 

because my one attempt to order a shirley temple way back in 2013 was so arduous, i've never attempted the whiskey sour in england til last night. 

i felt like we were f. scott fitzgerald in 1920s paris trying to explain a whiskey sour to the barmaid, i said after we used MK's mixologist app to explain to the waitress what it was i wanted. 

then we looked to our immediate left and realized we could've just pointed to the sign beside us- big as day- and said it's like that but with whiskey.


Linda said...

ooh. amaretto sours. the ribbon-haired cousin to the already-feminine whiskey sour. Both. Delicious.

oline said...

that was my endgame... to make you long for alcohol at work :)