22 July 2014

0 mwargh.

this is the new word i've just made up. it is, you will note, somewhat derived from this:


as absolutely everything should always be. 

it's a word that describe the sensation of writing about jackie's moods whilst awaiting my next supervision and enduring britain's latest heat wave. and i know, i know, our heatwave is NOTHING compared to what most of ya'll have to deal with BUT: your cinemas have air conditioning and ours don't. so there.

during hot spells, the inside of homes in britain are routinely 20 degrees hotter than it is outside. it is a relief to go out-of-doors. just saying.

i'm writing about jackie's moods and her love of solitude.

i've been feeling (surprise!) somewhat moody and solitudinous as a result.

debo and i had a long chat last night about the connotations of the word "moody", in jackie's case and just in the general case of its application to women.

did you ever see summer magic? the old hayley mills movie where the posh orphaned cousin julia comes to live with them out in the country and hayley sings about posh orphaned cousin julia thinks she's the pink of perfection?


(people! please appreciate that i have brought you from drunk orson welles to disney sweetheart hayley mills!)

that's what i think of when i think of moody women: posh orphaned cousin julia.

btw, fun fact: young oline had major plans to perform a lip synch to "the pink of perfection" in the balmoral elementary student talent show in spring 1989. MAJOR plans. alas, debo and gary plucked up our family and off to atlanta we went. i can't decide if this was a sad loss to humanity (imagine the stories that could've come out of an elementary lip-synch!!) or an act of god which preserved my dignity for just a little longer. in truth, probably a bit of both. 

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