07 July 2014

0 i would simply like to direct your attention

to THIS. (god knows how joshua gamson got me here.)

as the convo went between lindear and i...

o: WHAT is this? 
l: !!!!! Is this man going to kill oprah next January??? 
o: he's going to birthday her to death!!
l: “And you will be sad and your life will be very strange until one day you will reach back you hand and say think I can love you too you know yes yes yes I can then I will embrace you and love you to no end and that goes for my lover family and friend” 
o: i mean, given the title is "Oprah Winfrey 61st Surprise Party January 29th 2015: Happy Birthday To Oprah We Love you Honey (The Amazing Life of Our Earth Angel Oprah)" is the quality of the prose a surprise? DID YOU LOOK INSIDE??? i highly suggest you look inside. a 57£ ebook written entirely in capital letters.

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