14 July 2014

0 as always, burvil saves the day

i've been at the TS eliot summer school for the last nine days. before that, MK was most delightfully in town. before that, i was at the celebrity conference. before that, there was the upgrade and the fortnight of three conferences and two symposia. and- before that- i was racing round a circuit from memphis to boston to new york over two weeks.

all of which to say, my flat is WRECKED.

my father noted this when we skyped the other evening. he said, whoa. dartar, you're looking a little squalid. eatonspeak for: CLEAN YOUR ROOM. which is what today's for.

which is fortunate as last night i had a panic dream that i'd arranged to have two people from airbnb stay in my flat whilst steven was also visiting, one of whom was catsitting for a friend. fortunately, in the panic, i discovered a portal to a room from burvil's 1980s house which had been secretly grafted onto my flat here in england, so ultimately all was well.

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