24 April 2014

0 "watch this space."

seriously, wtf? why is everyone saying this all of a sudden? i am enraged. because it reads as a command and it assumes i have nothing else in my life to do.

which is ridiculous because the function of "watch this space" seems to just be "goodbye." like, instead of saying "all the best" or "talk soon" or "xoxo" or nothing or just um... GOODBYE, instead they say "watch this space." the same person across multiple messages in different social venues. like i'm supposed to be watching my phone and email and facebook and all these different spaces all at the same time in anticipation of any one of these different conversations concluding.


is this the very height of commitment phobia? the unwillingness to end a communication without taking control of its end in a way that doesn't commit to its actual ending?

is this a british thing? are they doing this in america? if not, is this- heaven forbid!- going to creep over into america?!? are we all going to be watching all these spaces all around the world?!

i've only gotten "watch this space" from british people, all of them men. and it's like, guys, GUYS, this is not a billboard. we're not waiting for the feature presentation. this is not a test of the emergency broadcast system. it's just the end of an email or a message or a text that obviously is going to have a follow-up text shortly, the arrival of which will be heralded by a vibration or a beep or a pop-up or some such thing, thus totally negating the need for me to watch this space.

just fucking say goodbye.

(so, of course, this is in my head now...)


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