02 April 2014

0 some thoughts on my open tabs

(1) i spent the morning researching bobby kennedy's dog to avoid writing about his death

(2) that was a smart move #TeamBrumus

(3) assassination footage should never be identified as 'amazing'

(4) never EVER

(5) there are actually maybe more rfk conspiracy theorists than jfk conspiracy theorists

(6) and i think the rfk peeps have more of a leg to stand on 

(7) jfk's assassination = silent movie : rfk's = OVERLOAD OF SOUND

(8) listening to the assassination of rfk to parse individual sounds =  not fun

(9) finding the words to describe said sounds = even less so

(10) there was a time when i whiled away hours trying to figure out if the rubies mentioned by maria callas were, in fact, regifted by onassis and given to jackie

(11) hours of staring at necklaces!!!!

(12) today was all about pinning down the precise definitions of 'visceral', 'keening', and 'lament' 

(13) hours of listening to primal screams!!!! 

(14) the process of biographical research is comprised only of extremes

(15) the question now: is tonight's talk on 'careers outside academia' going to destroy my will to live?


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