20 March 2014

0 oh holy moses

remember miranda's awkward phone call to steve from SATC? um... THIS:

yeah, so i pretty much just did the professional equivalent of that.

in a phone call that an american biographer friend went to some great lengths to arrange, i called a fancy british biographer to arrange a tea at which we would talk about jackie.

and, though i had a script, still i called our mutual friend 'will smith' rather than his name- which is, in my defense, very close to that of the fresh prince.

in a 1 minute and 32 second conversation, the fancy biographer told me no less than ten times that i should read her book, to which i finally replied i have read your book at least ten times. (because IT IS A FOUNDATIONAL TEXT!)

after which she told me i need to be sure to read the reprinted edition and agreed to have tea.

it took me three days to work up the nerve to make the phone call, which was, in the end, like a car crash. now i've days to reread the reprint and anticipate tea. fun times, people. fun times.

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