25 February 2014

0 14:47-15:32 GMT

this afternoon, i submitted my materials for the upgrade and cheered. because i was going to go to a lecture on reading and see a movie and go to a conference tomorrow and a training session thursday and not have to look at another endnote for three whole days.

the cheering lasted two minutes.

at 14:49, i discovered there were materials that needed to be submitted for the upgrade that i'd not known about.

and so, at 14:51, i de-submitted my materials for the upgrade and gave in to a slough of despond.


until 15:02, when The Sup asked if i had some time to do some work for her.

whereupon, at 15:16, i manned up and said, 'hey, i have a habit of demanding of myself things that other people don't expect, so do my materials really need to be submitted this week?'

to which she said no.

so i could say yes.

which is the story of how i came to be reading the new york times for pay.

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