13 January 2014

0 beguiling thing

so i watched this video wherein hermione lee says that we can all agree that lives don't have shapes. by which she means the people living their lives don't perceive them as having shapes and then biographers come along and impose shapes upon them.

which... well, do you agree with this? i don't. and what i've been wracking my brain over is why that might be. why i indignantly thought 'oh yes they do!' when she seemed to take it for granted that we all would agree with her that they don't.

what influences the way we see/read lives. do i think this way because i'm an american? a woman? a writer? a biographer? a person born in the 80s? overly educated in the humanities and, therefore, overly influenced by the idea that lives can be art? or is it really just so easy as i think this way because i am me?

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