09 December 2013

0 The Day

like one day out of every six months, i have a day where i accomplish All of the Things. and i think, this is how my life could be if i really applied myself. if i were an achiever. if i weren't a total laze-about. 

but i am a total laze-about. i am not an achiever. i do not apply myself.

and so this day only happens every six months.

the downside of this is that it takes me SO LONG to accomplish things.

the upside is that when that day- that day that occurs once every six months- occurs, i really fucking appreciate it. like, i throw a mental parade and everything and boast to everyone that i have not only had a day, but The Day, and six months worth of it to boot. because it really really feels like i've done something. because i accomplished more than three things (today, for instance, it was the intro, the laundry, and paying off my library fines... ACCOMPLISHMENTS ALL AROUND!).

i boast about The Day because it feels really really good that it has happened. and because i know it'll be another six months before i do it again.

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