16 December 2013

2 FJ: NYT obituary smack-down: joan fontaine v. peter o’toole edition

Olivia de Havilland & Joan Fontaine
the thing about sexism is that it’s so often subversive, so woven into the culture that you can can just be all like ‘oh no, that’s not sexism, it’s just a difference in talents/skills/blahblahblah/whatev, and that’s why that person is written about that way.’ 
so one way of looking at the vast difference between the obituaries of joan fontaine andpeter o’toole, both of whom died this weekend, is to say that peter o’toole’s was the more important career. which, were i more familiar with the films of either, i would try to make a convincing case for at this point, because i’d prefer not to have to confront how deeply messed up are the ways that we write about women’s lives within american culture, but alas… NAW. so let’s take a look. Continue reading 


mak said...

We really should be in charge of programming for Lifetime. HOW DO WE MAKE THAT HAPPEN?

Also, all of this.

oline said...

RIGHT?! you'd better be keeping track of all our titles!