14 October 2013

0 “whoever said college was the best years of our lives… vicious liars.”

So here we are at ‘strangers in the night’- which only ever makes me thing of murray slaughter putting the moves on georgette franklin’s recently divorced friend when he takes her a piano and plays/sings ‘strangers in the night’ on the mary tyler moore show. don’t know it? you should!!! anyways, that’s where we are. season 4, ‘strangers in the night’. please appreciate with me that this episode originally aired on 13 october 1993, and we are now reconsidering it on 14 october 2013, exactly 20 years and 1 day later. huzzah. for some reason that fills me with a sense of accomplishment.
so, problems… yeah, we got ‘em. what to do when your car dies? what to do when your girlfriend wants to see other people? what to do when you’re the girlfriend who wants to see other people and your boyfriend just wants to have sex? what to do when you’ve just had sex and you’re a woman now? what to do when the guy you’ve just had sex with wears truly horrible pants? what to do when all of your friends have college lives and you’re all by your lonesome? what if you get to college and turn into a horrible slob? what if your boyfriend is said person who’s turned into a horrible slob? and, lastly, what if your dad sets you up with a guy named stuart? all this and more this week on PS90210…

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