01 October 2013

0 it's the most wonderful time of the year

yes, yes, halloween is almost here, hence the unveiling of american apparel's annual halloween lookbook and our celebration of HORRORWEEN. so what's up for this year?

well, (1) they've changed their website so we no longer get individual pictures and i have to do screenshots, which... well... LAME. thanks, american apparel, for making me do an extra step. (2) there seems to have been a decided step down in variety of costumes. alas and alack! but have no fear: they're as culturally tone deaf as ever. 

so you can be a toy soldier. or, if you want to highlight the epidemic of gun violence, dead school girls...

that is if you and your friend are willing to shill out $54 for a skirt and $72 for a button-down...

oh, you're looking for a family oriented costume? why not send your three wives as paintbrushes and your kid as a bucket?

problem solved!!!! 

best family christmas card EVAH:

pocahontus meets gold leggings meets don johnson/scott disick meets easy rider toddler meets toto. 

god, this lookbook is like madam tussauds! frieda kahlo is like GET ME OUT OF HERE

and "statue" is all like: but i wanted to be muhammad ali!

riddle me this: which one of these doesn't belong?

both the tuareg tribesman and baby einstein are like WTF?!?! 

so's, because we're old, let's end it with this:

the flamingo print short sleeve boxy blouse you will never ever wear again? $54.00.

the rayon button up long skirt that falls at a decidedly amish length? $72.00.

the sadie heel that looks like the vintage shoe lorelai gilmore wore to the stars hollow 24-hour dance marathon? $88.00.

i know you were thinking why, yes, that looks like a reasonably priced thing i could pull off for halloween. but, as my dad would say, WRONG-A-DOODLE!

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