23 September 2013

0 PS90210: “well, everyone’s allowed to make a mistake."

So, in contemplating our two weeks at college, i’ve noticed a trend… there’s been a party every week. and whilst a know two times does not make a trend, this would prove steve’s assertion that we’re at ‘party USA.’ it would also suggest that this is the point at which 90210 turned into gossip girl. just saying. let’s keep our peepers peeled and see if my theory holds up: that- much like season 3 was like season 3 of mad men- season 4 is like every episode ever of gossip girl.
where are we? CLASSES, ya’ll. i mean, we’ve been here a month so that seems about right, non? that our characters should finally be getting some education after all those placement tests and all that socializing.
problems to be solved: what to do when your early morning radio show that no one listens to is totally destroying your life? when a totally creepy guy is really into you, what is the absolute worst possible way to respond to his advances? what if your RA is your english teacher and he totally doesn’t get you and you have a thing for older guys? what if your best friend writes a lame essay everybody loves whilst yours sounds stilted and like you have no soul? what if you really really need a job? what if you really really can’t find one? what if your high school relationship just isn’t doing it for you anymore and you’re feeling really tied down? all that and more plus  a dose of david silver’s dancing, this week on 90210…

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