01 July 2013

1 lookit!

SUMMER!!!! like, for FOR REAL. or at least for this week.

thanks to dr. hargrove's tales of t.s. elliot always crossing the thames bridge in the dark, i came to london expecting gray skies and constant darkness- which, well, no. it was only upon getting here that i realized london is a land of temperatures rather consistently located in the 50s, which meant the summer might actually be the hardest part.

yesterday- 30 june- was the first 'real' day of summer, wherein the temperature hit a blazing seventy-nine.

SEVENTY-NINE, people! seventy-nine. a full 20 degrees cooler than the average april to august temperature in the land of my birth, but it'll more than do.

how did i celebrate? by sitting on a park bench for twenty minutes and tanning a deep shade of burn.

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Linda said...


Incidentally, one of my favorite twitter quotes from the past few months is Mindy Kaling's "What am I supposed to wear in summer when I'm not going to a music festival?" or something like that.

So what have the british been wearing this summer?