19 July 2013

1 dear london

yesterday i wore my lucky dress. and, no, i don't know why it's lucky beyond the fact that i wore it yesterday and yesterday felt good.

sometimes i forget where i am. during therapy i often look out the window, while trying to think of the appropriate word (of course i would make therapy a language exercise and have anxieties about bon mot). yesterday, looking out the window, i saw this flag and i kept wondering what on earth is that flag for, because it wasn't for the US or chicago or the state of illinois. 

then i remembered i live in britain. so it must be for some british thing. 

i forget where i am sometimes and then, walking over a bridge, i look to my right and...

then i remember. 

i live in london now. how weird is that? 

it may be that i'm only just adjusting, just coming back to a normal after the last- at times quite awful- ten months.

it's like waking from a vivid dream into a more vivid real life. 

yesterday i wore my lucky dress and at 5.26 pm scored discounted tickets to the 7.30 show of sweet bird of youth at the old vic

THE OLD VIC, ya'll!!!! 

but then maybe that means nothing? to the girl who remembers the summer where joe and burvil had bought their land but the house had burned down and so they couldn't yet live there, which is why, while i was staying with them, they went down to mantachie to tend their fields (ie. mow the lawn) whilst i, a sullen teenager, sat unhelpfully reading about vivien leigh's turn at the old vic as cleopatra, it means the whole wide world. 

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Katie C said...

bahahaha- I love that you used the most blurry vegas picture ever to showcase your lucky dress.
Also, speaking as someone who is catching up on your blog... reading this after reading your post about connections shows some, well, connections. ? yeah. Its early. I shouldn't post comments when I'm not awake yet.