28 June 2013

2 FJ: a brief, incomplete report on aaron carter and the unfolding new kids on the block turf war

i was going to ask if ya’ll are ready for this but i don’t think it is possible to be ready for this so suffice it to say no, you are not.
so hey, remember a little band called new kids on the block? these guys…
i mean, you should because, well, AWESOME. Continue reading 


Linda said...

Oh my!! That guardian article has SO MANY QUOTABLES!!!!!

"a mysterious wave of 1990s boyband-inspired mayhem"

"a teen act in his own right who is somehow still managing to tour."

"Upon those words, three other guys leapt from a Chevy Malibu – yes, sharp-eyed Aaron got the marque "

and then Aaron lying about being a black belt in anything other than "Dance fighting."

"As for the Chevy Malibu Four, their whereabouts are currently unknown"

oline said...

I KNOW. am now obsessed with the guardian's 'showbiz' coverage, which i also appreciate for being labeled by industry rather than being put under a category that indicates "things only women would read".