20 May 2013

0 PS90210: "we got problems"

You guys, our time at west beverly is almost over! are you sad? are you worried? because, y’know, brandon’s going to california university and brenda’s going to minnesota and ahhhhndrea is going to yale and nobody else seems to know what they’re doing… WHAT WILL BECOME OF US NEXT YEAR???
well, you’ll just have to wait and see. for now, we’re all trying to get out of west bev alive… today’s episode, entitled ‘a night to remember’ (and oh boy is it ever), leaves the ability of all our people to get out of west bev somewhat up in the air. as for problems, we’ve got political indifference, wardrobe guidelines, datelessness, sexual plans, sexual offers, brandon walsh DANCING, and puking in the bathroom at prom. hold on to your halter tops, people, and lets jump in.  Continue reading 

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