06 May 2013

1 PS90210: “guys, she can get therapy later. let’s go.”

Alrighty guys, this is an episode of light comic relief before we hit the homestretch of prom and commencement. question: are you totally over high school? are you ready to bust out of west beverly and head to california university? unfortunately for you, the gang isn’t quite done yet.

however, this week, our problems are rather less heavy than they have been. everyone’s basically conquered everything that happened to them this season. kelly’s eating disorder is totally cured. david’s musical career is forgotten, as is his need to pass 27 classes. ahhhhhhhhhhndrea has not a care in the world. brandon’s gambling is totes done. dylan’s completely over the death of his dad and that article he’s been slaving away on seems to be but a distant memory as well. donna, as usual, is peachy keen. you’d think they’d have no problems at all! OH BUT WAIT.

what do you do when a hot girl can’t pay for breakfast? how should you react when your purse is stolen? or your car? how can one survive a day at magic mountain when one is crippled by fear? while this is kind of a lame episode overall, it does offer some things you might never have had the imagination to ask for: roller coasters, cons, car chases, awkward sexual metaphors, dylan mckay dressed as bacteria, and a pithy analysis of steve’s failings as a human being. get ready, it’s SENIOR DITCH DAY!

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Katie C said...

the title of this post was my exact thought when we went to disneyland. :D