01 May 2013

1 imaginary meals with lindear #2: THE SANDWICH

if you've spoken to me in the last two weeks, you've probably heard of THE SANDWICH. you know how fervent i am in my food beliefs. remember THE KETCHUP OF OUR LIVES?

this is a similar case. the other day i waxed on to k.lo for a full five minutes, only to dramatically conclude 'aaaaaaaand that's it... OH BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE...', continuing to talk a full minute more about THE SANDWICH. you see, THE SANDWICH, it is a thing of beauty and, if lindear and i are to have another imaginary meal, this THE SANDWICH is obviously what i would feed her.

step 1: amazing bread + guacamole and mustard.

mind you, none of this british mustard crap. nuh-uh. what we american's refer to as 'french's' or just 'mustard' and they like to refer to here as AMERICA'S #1. as in... 'i'm just going to pop over to the condiments for some AMERICA'S #1.' like this mustard is the greatest thing america has ever given great britain. which, given the nastiness of their mustards, it just might be. all that to say, this sammich is 'merican, ya'll. and like any good american, it appropriates things from other cultures with wild abandon. like guacamole and... 

step 2: this indian chicken.

that's no false advertising. this indian chicken is indeed 'great for sandwiches. 

so there you have it. bread, guac, america's #1 and some chicken. deceptively simple and yet so fricking good. 

step 3: et voilĂ !

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Linda said...

you could put that sucker on pinterest! YUM.