22 May 2013

5 caroline x 2

last night, c.smartt and i post-celebrated her birthday and pre-celebrated mine with CARBS GALORE.

(this may be the first time i've ever had british humor as that is cracking.me.up because there is a stationery store here called cards galore. CARBS GALORE... CARDS GALORE... get it??!? haha. hehe. hilair.)

anyway. the post/pre-birthday panned out like this...

enormo pasta bowls.


a bottle of wine.

the petite patisserie tray from marks & spencers.

and a roof-top view.

loverly, as eliza doolittle would say.


oline said...

i'ma assume lindear's gonna be all 'where's the dessert pics?' there were none, but there is this link re: the petite patisserie. i swear to you, ours was significantly smaller though still plenty of mini chocolate profiteroles, puff pastry palmiers and mini doughnuts. and, because c.smartt and i are food soul mates, she ate all the creme halves and i ate all the jam halves, so- in the end- everyone got a lot of what they love.


Linda said...


and free delivery to Canada & US! no minimum spend!

Katie said...

I wish I were there to celebrate my two Carolines!!!!

Katie C said...

I want to go to there.

happy pre/post. When you don't add birthday it makes me think of surgery. :D

oline said...

in reality checks, it is only 52 degrees here. so maybe it'll be warmer for you! poor meggie's gonna freeze :(