08 April 2013

6 true story

i sleep naked. i know, i know. you're all clutching your pearls with exclamations of OLINE, YOU WANTON SLUT! whatev.

lately, i've been leaving the bedroom window open and letting the still semi-icy air blow through whilst i sleep under a terrifically warm blanket.

a glory interrupted at 5:52 a.m. this morning, when some dude from next door decided to go pawing through his garbage, making a racket akin to a dinosaur ambling through a field of crumpled newspapers.

furious at having my sleep disrupted (as i'd stayed up entirely too late reading the immortal life of henrietta lacks), i sat up in bed and snapped the window shut with such vigor that he looked up, whereupon i gave him the haughtiest face i could muster at 5:52 a.m.

only then did i remember i was naked. only then did i realize he could totally see my boobs.


mak said...

Niiiiiiiice. And now you'll likely run into him all the time.

But that book is incredible. Time well spent.

oline said...

ohmygod, that book was depressing. in truth, my reading has taken a gruesome turn between that and 'fanny & stella' and then a book on britain in the 1930s that opened with a scene of 70 children being trampled in a cinema in 1929, so i'm very THE WORLD IS SO UNFAIR and all of my reading today is just reenforcing that. but still. it was beautifully. what are your thoughts? should we all be owning our tissues? (also, i know i owe you an email... wait for it...)

mak said...

Indeed, that book does tread into much needed ethical discussion in medicine - I'm reading the Emperor of All Maladies at the moment and NOT ONCE have hela cells or Henrietta or anything related to this been mentioned. Otherwise, it's a fantastic piece, but come on: these cells are the basis for modern medicine. And the allusion of "and these cells in the culture never died"?? FAILURE TO ATTRIBUTE. TO THE HONOR COURT WITH YOU.

mak said...

Also, here's something to make you feel better: http://www.buzzfeed.com/paws/happiest-animals-in-the-world

oline said...

THANK YOU for reminding me that i really really wanted to read that book even though the author declined a podcast interview. also, those animals made me very happy as did the premier of mad men!!!!

mak said...

Glad to be of service. I have SO MUCH on the DVR to get to and I haven't a clue when it's going to happen.