22 April 2013

0 PS90210: “think dateage… and bring condoms because i feel lucky.

Our big, long march to the brutal end of high school at west beverly is about to begin in earnest. today, we’re gearing up for the remaining six episodes- most of which deal with ‘senior things’- with the episode ‘the senior poll.’ so-called because, in this episode, the phrase ‘the senior poll’ is repeated a ridiculous number of times.
problems we are solving today: how to act nonchalant about the senior poll… how to react graciously when you are a total loser in the senior poll… how to find a date for friday night… how to keep one’s options open for college… how to make a half-court shot… how to get your BF to pose in a picture with you for the senior poll… how to save a summer camp.  Continue reading 

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