02 April 2013

1 imaginary meals with lindear

(a possibly monthly series featuring the meals i would feed lindear were she to come to town)

blackcurrent ribena.

so, the thing you need to know about this is that it is not straight-up juice. mind you, it's totally rocking (if not maybe a wee bit INTENSE... srsly, i think the enamel was eroded off my teeth) if you drink it like straight-up juice. but, upon drinking it like straight-up juice and then reading the directions, i realized it was meant to be drunk one part juice to FOUR PARTS WATER. oops.

what we're going to call 'onion balls' because i can't remember their real name.

if falafel is a grown-up yuppie version of the hushpuppy, then onion balls are an indian, healthier version of falafel. which, well, YUM.

dahl soup (which doesn't photograph well so MORE ONION BALLS!)

this one seems pretty self-evident. dahl, in soup form.

ice cream roll.

fun fact #1: ice cream can be purchased in bricks. 

i have no fun fact #2. except that it can also be purchased in rolls with raspberry swirls and a sponge cake casing. 

1 comment:

Linda said...

fabulous! and I can't wait to google "onion balls" later in the privacy of my own home.

I want all of these things!