23 April 2013

0 fitted

last thursday, i joined the school gym (worst.id.photo.EVER). last friday, i went on a buying binge to procure all of the appropriate clothing and footwear for working out at the gym, because formal exercise was one of the fashion situations i failed to account for in my packing for the international move (along with the need for more than 3 pairs of socks). with all that done, yesterday, i actually went to the gym.

this is a part of my overall plan to instill some structure in my day-to-day life, because the whole hippy dippy 'write when you feel inspired' thing has totally not been working out. turns out, when left to my own devices, i seldom feel inspired to write.

so i'm restructuring the day to include working out and time spent working at the library. what this translated to yesterday was working out and then time spent trolling the library in search of a desk, but it's a start.

(omg, remember when croftie and i joined the gym and had a horrible, awful mutual crush on that gay instructor brantley? go HERE for a walk down that memory lane.)

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