15 March 2013

3 toddied

i have a cold. like a really, really snotty one. which has basically provided an excuse for buying a mug (as i basically only buy things as i encounter a need for them and the oklahoma coffee mug has, until now, met all of my needs), a shit-ton of sherbet, and whiskey. (the mug and whiskey are related to the toddy, the sherbet is just for kicks). 

i'd never had a hot toddy before yesterday. yesterday, all i could think about was a hot toddy. especially after the discovery that the medicine i had thought was meant to be taken every twelve hours was, in fact, intended to be taken every four, leaving eight hour windows in which i could have been breathing had i been able to read. 


Linda said...

what is in your hot toddy? Evan swears by his, which has molasses, and it is disgusting. If you had success with yours, I'd like to know its components!

oline said...

i used the most basic recipe i could find online, mostly because i have no ingredients so gourmet was not an option. so... scotch, water, lemon and honey. voila!

oline said...

fyi- 2 oz scotch, 4 oz water