31 March 2013

0 march: a revue

'an interesting but not completely enchanting person.'

'i feel like tights always fall down when there are too many other things going on.'

'that is lindear’s world. morning radio shows, and CNN.com.'

'smart phones everywhere immediately exploded with news of the white smoke!'

'the last bouncy hurrah before they turn back into empty ankle socks.'

'as a life rule, one should never be forced to buy condiments in a vial.'

'i worked with people who had dermal piercings and my buttons were deemed offensive.'

'if you go alone you might get more kiss-writing material!'

'ugh! naming a person.'

'does england have raccoons?'

'i wonder if william and kate will have a gender reveal party.'

'this is the essence of winter/spring 2013: very high highs and incredibly low lows.'

'i don't want to live in a world where Hot Harry becomes Meh Harry.'


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